Wedderspoon RAW Manuka Honey KFactor 12+ - 500g

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Embrace Daily Wellness with KFactor 12 Manuka Honey: Experience the unique benefits of our KFactor 12 Manuka Honey, a raw, Non-GMO Project Verified superfood meticulously sourced from the untouched New Zealand wilderness. This multifloral Manuka honey is your daily partner in supporting immune health, enhancing wound healing, and promoting digestive wellness.

Key Features and Health Benefits:

  • Genuine KFactor 12 Rating: Adheres to the New Zealand Government's Multifloral Manuka Standard, ensuring at least 65% Manuka pollen content. This level of purity enhances the honey's natural effectiveness and guarantees a product rich in beneficial nutrients.
  • Potent Antibacterial and Antioxidant Properties: Enjoy the full spectrum of Manuka honey's health benefits, including its renowned ability to naturally boost the immune system and accelerate healing.
  • Naturally Retained Nutrients: Our honey is harvested and processed without heat treatment or artificial preservatives, maintaining all the vital enzymes, amino acids, and the rich, natural properties Manuka honey is celebrated for.

Superior Quality and Flavor:

  • Triple-Filtered and Gently Creamed: Crafted to perfection, our Manuka honey undergoes a triple filtration process and is gently creamed, ensuring a smooth, rich texture that melts delightfully on the palate.
  • Traceable From Hive to Home: With complete traceability from the remote South Island hives directly to your pantry, each jar of honey is a testament to purity and quality, sourced and packed exclusively in New Zealand.

How to Use: Incorporate into your daily routine as a nutritious enhancer to your breakfast yogurt, smoothies, or warm teas. Its natural soothing properties also make it an excellent topical agent for minor cuts and burns.

Ingredients: 100% Raw Multifloral Manuka Honey.

Indulge in the Pure Goodness of New Zealand: Wedderspoon RAW Manuka Honey KFactor 12+ offers a taste and health experience like no other. Ideal for those seeking a daily health boost from a natural, premium-quality superfood.