The Health Factory Glow and Shine Spray 15ml

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Glow & Shine Spray is a mineral water produced via a unique method, consisting of purified water with 35mg / (35 parts per million /ppm) of ultra-fine particles of pure, non-compound Gold, Platinum and zinc.

Gold aids the body's production of collagen (rather than supplementing collagen which can reduce the body's own production of collagen as the collagen is coming from another source, giving less need for own production).

Gold can also give a true glow to the skin, a luminescence. 

Platinum rejuvenates the skin at a very deep level and supports natural skin colouration. 

Studies also show that platinum, as a very potent anti-oxidant can prevent skin damage from UV rays and aid repair. 

Zinc is an element vital to skin quality, tone and suppleness. 
The skin uses zinc for wound healing, skin repair, building keratin and the formation of collagen. 

Due to the nano size of the particles, they are able to penetrate and permeate every layer of the skin's cells and are immediately usable in daily repair and rejuvenation. That's why people can often notice a difference in the appearance quite fast. 


100% pure Gold, Platinum and Zinc particles, and nothing else.