Floradix Floravital - Yeast and Gluten Free 500ml

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Floradix Floravital Liquid iron formula is Yeast & Gluten Free Nutritional supplement with ferrous gluconate iron, Vitamins B & herbs and fruit juice. A combination of herbs and fruit juices help counteract constipation normally associated with iron preparations. Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.


Hibiscus calyces, camomile flowers, fennel, spinach, grape, pear, water, blackcurrant, cherry, blackberry, carrot. aqueous rosehip soft extract. Ferrous gluconate, asorbis acid, pyridoxine, riboflavin, thiamin.

Directions for taking
Adults and children over 12 years; 10ml twice daily
Children 6 - 12 years: 10ml once daily
Children 3 - 5 years: 5ml once daily


It is best to take iron on an empty stomach to ensure full absorption - so ideally 30 minutes before food or a couple of hours after. Avoid taking iron supplements with tea, coffee or milk as they can inhibit the absorption. Drinking orange juice or any other fruit juice together with iron supplements can actually help to increase the iron absorption due to the vitamin C content. Do not exceed the recommended intake.