Qi Teas Green Tea Pure & Simple 25 Tea Bags

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A classic light and delicate pure green tea, with a golden yellow colour that tastes as good as it looks. No bitterness, just delicious natural flavour.

Qi Teas Green Tea Pure & Simple is a light and refreshing high mountain tea. Sought after and rare, this mountain tea brings you all that is best in green tea. Clean air, rich soil and abundant rain give Qi teas a rich refreshing taste. A great alternative to coffee and ordinary black teas, Qi Teas Green Tea Pure & Simple can be enjoyed any time of day and as part of a healthy diet. Our special harvesting methods, preparing the teas immediately after picking, aims to ensure that we retain the natural properties of the fresh tea leaf.

Green Tea is touted to be one of the healthiest beverages on the planet that could have many potential health benefits. Green Tea contains antioxidants that help prevent cell damage, may boost brain function and boost your mood and overall wellbeing

  • Dairy Free - Yes

  • Gluten Free - Yes

  • Organic - No

  • Vegan - Yes

  • Wheat Free - Yes

  • Fairtrade - No


Green Tea


Allow one teabag per cup, using water 80 - 100ºC. Leave to brew for 3-4 minutes. Enjoyed best without milk or sugar.