Pri's Puddings Pocket Sized Pies - Choco Pie x 12 Packs

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Indulge with an oaty pie crust, filled with a rich and decadent chocolate ganache

These cutie pies are made of ONLY 5 INGREDIENTS and are vegan, gluten free, peanut free and refined sugar free, but are still scrumptious pockets of delight.

We combine the simplest wholefood ingredients to create a decadent healthier dessert; our indulgent and quirky “Pocket-sized Pies” are perfect for snacking on-the-go.

We want to be totally transparent about what you’re eating so that  you can indulge without guilt! We believe simplicity and transparency is key to creating a healthier world.


  • Pocket-sized Pies - Choco Pie x 12 Packs
  • 2 pies per pack
  • 44g
  • 100% recyclable packaging


Gluten Free Oats, Rapeseed Oil, Maple syrup, Cacao, Coconut Oil