Organix Tropical Chickpeas with Rice (190g)

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Help your baby to explore new tastes and more challenging textures with our NEW Tropical Chickpeas & Rice.  A deliciously tasty meal made from over 70 % veggies, for 3 of their 5 a day.  Perfect for growing tastebuds to learn to love veggies, and with a soft chunky texture to get those little mouths really chewing!

Our Organic Ingredients
Carrot 18%
Chickpeas 16%
Tomato 15%
Cooking water * 8.31%
Pumpkin 9%
Mango puree 7%
Onion 6%
Parsnip 5%
Sweet corn 5%
Coconut milk 5%
Rice 4%
Extra virgin olive oil 1.5%
Garlic 0.1%
Curry (Gluten) 0.09%
Total 100%

* Water has no organic certification.

May contain traces of gluten, wheat.

Safety advice

For little ones, please ensure they are sitting down and supervised whilst enjoying this food.