Organix Cheese & Onion Gruffalo Claws Snack - 4 Bags

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Our cheese & onion Gruffalo claws are made from baked corn and coated with real cheese and onion.

Made from corn, with no added salt, they make a great alternative to Gruffalo crisps! We simply bake them so they’re crunchy, munchy and deliciously tasty, the perfect Gruffalo snack for toddlers and little monsters!

Suitable from 12+ months.
I’m organic.
Gluten free.
Baked not fried.
No added salt or sugar.
No artificial colours or flavours.
Suitable for vegetarians.

Safety advice

For little ones, please ensure they are sitting down and supervised whilst enjoying this food.

Our Organic Ingredients
Corn 80.0%
Sunflower oil 10.0%
Cheese powder (milk) [mature cheddar cheese (milk) 50%, skimmed milk powder 50%] 8.0%
[mature cheddar cheese (milk) 50%skimmed milk powder 50%] 8.0%
Onion powder (contains rice flour) 2.0%
Thiamin (vitamin B1)* <0.1%
TOTAL 100%
*Thiamin (vitamin B1) has no organic certification.