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NKD Living Erythritol GOLD

Erythritol GOLD is the perfect brown sugar replacement, with 93% less calories than sugar, that's only 1.4 calories per teaspoon! It has the same sweetness so can directly replace the sugar content in recipes. Use it just like sugar, for hot drinks and baking!

Erythritol GOLD is a blend of three ingredients, erythritol, stevia and caramel. The erythritol makes up the bulk of the product while the stevia increase the sweetness to the same sweetens as sugar (1:1). The small amount of caramel adds the golden colour and most importantly the sweet nutty taste and texture of brown sugar 

Benefits of erythritol GOLD:

  • 100% Natural brown sugar alternative
  • The perfect combination of erythritol, stevia and caramel
  • Use like sugar 1:1 in tea, coffee and baking
  • 93% less calories than sugar. Only 1.4 calories per teaspoon
  • Low GI, great for people who want to maintain stable blood sugar levels

Ingredients: Erythritol, Stevia, Caramel

Certification: Non-GMO project verified


Suitable for: Diabetics, ketogenic diets, low carbohydrate diets