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NKD Living Almond flour

NKD Living Almond Flour is sourced directly from Spain where the almonds are first blanched and then ground into a fine flour, so now instead of just crunching on tasty almonds, you can enrich all your bakes with their delicate and sweet taste.

Almond flour contains fewer carbs than regular wheat flour, great for of all you keto-dieters and those watching your carbohydrate intake! Only 9g of carbohydrates per 100g!


  • 100% Finely ground blanched almond flour from Spain
  • Great for gluten-free baking
  • High in Fibre and Protein (26%)
  • Perfect for Low Carb, Ketone, Primal, and Paleo Diets

Ingredients: Almond flour

 Suitable for: Diabetics, ketogenic diets, low carbohydrate diets

Suggested Use: Use just like flour!