Good Night Snore Guard Single

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Did you know that nearly 25% of married couples report they sleep separately because of interrupted sleep, with snoring being the number one problem. If you have a partner that snores, you’ll know exactly how problematic it can be!

The Good Night Snore Guard is similar to a denture, or teeth-whitening tray if you’ve ever tried one of those. No fitting is required. Snore Guard gently holds your lower jaw slightly forward while you sleep. Completely painless, this has the effect of widening the upper airway, so air can pass through unobstructed, which prevents snoring.

Snore Guard comes with a discreet case for easy storage when you’re not wearing it.
What happens when we snore?
When we snore the soft tissue around the back of the throat relaxes and can partially block the airway. The resulting noise is the sound of the air you breathe passing through the partially restricted airway, causing a vibration of soft tissue. Snoring can sometimes be very loud!

If you are a snorer and are sleeping within earshot of someone (it doesn’t have to be in the same room), your snoring could prevent them from sleeping. They will become frustrated and they may try to stop you snoring