Good Night Snore Blockers 20s

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Snore Blokkers are made from High Quality Medical Grade Memory Foam:
Soft and yet dense, our ear plugs fit comfortably into the ear canal, effectively stifling sound.
Snore Blokkers come with a handy travel case for easy and hygienic storage when not in use and with 20 ear plugs in every packet you can always have peace and quiet when you need it.
Keep the noise down with Snore Blokkers our ear plugs are guaranteed to block out up to 32 decibels of noise, helping you Sleep Well even with a partner that snores.

How to Use:
With clean hands roll the earplug into a tight, crease-free cylinder.
Position your ear canal so that the earplug enters in a straight line.
Insert ear plug fully into the ear canal and hold in place until it expands for a comfortable and secure fit.

Hints and tips:
Do not force the plug into the ear canal, always be gentle.
Always remove the earplug slowly with a twisting motion
Discard after one or two uses.
Use only the whole earplug. Do not cut, break apart or elongate.
Improper fitting will reduce effectiveness.