FLO Bamboo Sanitary Night Pads, Winged & Ultra Thin 14 per pack

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Winged. Ultra thin. Ultra-long*, ultra absorbent + wrapped for on-the-go.
So whether you dance-all-night or wear-2-pads-back-to-back-to-seal-things-up-tight, this pad pack has your back.
* 280Mm (11 inches) long; 2mm thick.

Brilliant Bamboo!
Fast-growing, greenhouse gas-absorbing, biodegrading, high oxygen-releasing, microbe-busting, soil-restoring, waste-reducing and bloody strong.

What's in these?
- 100% organic bamboo + corn fibre
- Biodegradable pla, sap + plant cellulose
- Biodegradable plant starch wrapper
- 100% Sass

No synthetic fibres, chlorine, dioxins, pesticide residues, plastics, artificial dyes, fragrance or allergens.

Hello, gorgeous!
Fancy some 100% natural bamboo pads?
Congratulations, your period is now 100% free of nasties!
You're also supporting girls in need and providing free menstrual products to asylum centres & food banks: Win-win.
Natural, Eco-Friendly, Ultra-Absorbent, Brearhable, Silkyyy-Soft, Cheekily yours from the UK, Cruelty-free, Vegetarian Society Approved - Vegan