Fiid Hearty Moroccan Chickpea Tagine 400g

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We bring together nature’s best vegetables, legumes and spices, craft them into truly crave worthy plant based meals and serve them in the single most convenient way possible. Cooking our bowls in this little pouch locks in the freshness for up to a year, eliminating the need for any additives or preservatives and making sure you always have delicious, mouth-watering, good-for-you food when you need it most.

Our Hearty Chickpea Tagine is a melting pot of rich African spices and nourishing vegetables with earthy chickpeas and lentils resulting in a truly authentic Moroccan experience. We call it a hug in a bowl and after one bite you will see why. Enjoy on its own as a nourishing last-minute meal or incorporate into a bigger meal with cous cous, pasta or chunky sour dough, this Hearty Chickpea Tagine is sure to become your pantry staple!


Water, Lentils (14%), Chickpea (10%), Tomato (10.2%), Carrot (9.2%), Zucchini (8.1%), Pumpkin (6.3%), Apricot Puree, Bell Pepper (3.6%), Tomato Puree (3.5%), Onion (2.7%), Dried Apricot, Spices, Garlic, Red Pepper, Ginger, Salt, Mushroom Concentrate, Corn Starch, Rice Flour, Vinegar, Sunflower Oil