Emile Noel Organic Flaxseed Oil 250ml

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In today's modern diet, Omega 3 fatty acids are not very abundant but yet their consumption is strongly recommended for good health. Adding Emile Noel Organic Virgin Flax Oil to your foods and salads ensures a rich source of Omega 3. Manufactured with a conscience and a passion that respects traditional craftsmanship, Emile Noel Organic Virgin Flax Oil from first cold pressing conserves the full nutritional value of Essential Fatty Acids and Vitamins to your daily diet.

  • Cold pressed.
  • A rich source of Omega 3.
  • With a great content of nutrients for good health.
  • No chemical fertilisers, synthetic pesticides & no GMO's.
  • Organic farming preserves the character & authentic taste of the oily fruit in this oil.
  • Rigorous selection & permanent monitoring guarantee the quality & typical flavour of this oil.


100% Organic Virgin Flaxseed Oil, first cold pressing from France.