Ecover Floor Soap 1L

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Perfect for porous surfaces such as natural stone and tiles, our fabulous formula nourishes and protects your floors without leaving a sticky residue.

Natural linseed oil takes excellent care of floors, smells wonderful and brings out natural colour and shine.

CAUTION: For use on porous surfaces such as natural stone, unglazed tiles and concrete floors. Not suitable for treated flooring such as; laminated, polished, oiled, glazed or hard wood floors.
Get nature on your side, Made in our clean, green factories, With natural linseed oil, Cleans, nourishes and protects, UNEP award, Cruelty-free international


15-30%: Soap (Linseed Oil), <5%: Perfume (contains Limonene; may produce an allergic reaction, Citral), Others: Water