Dillon Organic Beetroot Flax Keto Bread 250g

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Dillon Organic Beetroot Flax Keto Bread

  • Organic Gluten Free High Fibre Vegan High Omega 3
  • Best sliced thin and toasted
  • Can be made into open sandwiches with your favourite topping or more traditional sandwiches

This is our Beetroot Flax Organic Keto bread made with a blend of beetroot, flax, sunflower seeds, and caraway seeds for flavour. It comes as an unsliced half loaf and that gives you the freedom to choose which thickness you'd like to make your slice. Great toasted or double toasted and made into an open sandwich. It is delicious tasting healthy, gluten free alternative.

We never use additives, thickeners or emulsifiers and stay away from added gluten and eggs. Instead, we use natural, plant based ingredients such as flaxseeds, sunflower seeds and psyllium husk to bind the bread together.


Water, Sunflower seeds*, Flaxseed* (13%), Tapioca flour*, Psyllium husk*, Beetroot* (2%), Sunflower oil*, Apple cider vinegar*, Sea salt, Caraway seed*, Baking soda ; *=Organic

Always read the label before use