Cocofina Organic Hazelnut & Chocolate Spread 200g x 2

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Cocofina Organic Hazelnut Chocolate Spread is the perfect blend of chocolate and hazelnut, sweetened with unrefined low Gi coconut sugar. It is both creamy and maintains a rich chocolate flavour.  The texture is beautifully thick with a great mouth feel and sublime depth of Chocolate & Hazelnut notes.

Our Hazelnut Chocolate spread is bound to satisfy your chocolate cravings! 

Ingredients: Coconut Sugar (48.8%), Sunflower Oil, Defatted Cocoa Powder (21.8%), Hazelnuts, Sunflower Lecithin.

Directions for use: Spread on toast, blend in shakes or stir into your favourite desserts.

  • Allergens: May contain traces of nuts, milk and soy
  • Store in a cool dry place 
    Refrigeration is not necessary