Brainfeed Natural L-theanine 60 Vegetarian Capsules

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Theanine is a fast-acting, non-sedative, natural relaxation supplement that reduces the impact of excitatory pathways in the brain. Each capsule contains the same amount of ltheanine found in 15-20 cups of green tea. L theanine benefits relaxation without sedation. 

L theanine supplements are ideal for;

  • Anybody looking to unwind.
  • Anybody looking to relax but maintain performance and clarity.
  • Acute stressors such as public speaking or travelling.

Most l-theanine found in food supplements is synthetic (e.g. Suntheanine) and it’s produced as a racemic using ethylamine and l-glutamine and a multi-stage synthesis. Our l theanine capsules contain 250mg natural theanine extracted from green tea from the mountainous region of Hunan Province in South Central China. We keep it as pure as possible so you won’t find additives such as lemon balm whose mechanism of action, ability to enter the brain or synergistic benefit is unknown.  


theanine 99%, vegetable cellulose capsule, bulking agent; rice bran flour