Bett’r Organic Hazelnut Butter 250g

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Bett`r Hazelnut Butter, that doesn`t get hard!

Give it a try because its:

– 100% Natural & Organic
– Made of high quality hazelnuts
– Super smooth thanks to the new technology for fine grinding of the nuts
– No additives – 100% hazelnuts inside
– Superb creamy and tasty

We all love nut butters! But how many times you have come to the impossible task to stir a super hard and stiff nut butter?

We have solution for you! Bett`r Butters are so smooth and fine so you can enjoy them only with a spoon.
Spread this hazelnut butter on a cookie and don’t forget to share with friends! The rich hazelnut taste will make your experiences unforgettable.


organic roasted hazelnuts (100%).

May contain traces of sesame seeds and nuts.

Organic certification of the product by BG-BIO-22