Babease Organic Pea Puffs 20g

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At Babease, we believe that introducing your little one to amazing taste and textures at an early age is the best way to raise healthy, adventurous eaters. Our fuss-free recipes are bursting with new flavours to excite your baby's tiny taste buds on a daily basis.

These 100% organic pea puffs are a perfect snack to fuel your little one and tingle their taste buds. Only the naturally delicious taste of peas. No coating. No mess!

Why Finger Foods?
Finger foods are a super important part of introducing solid foods. They help to encourage self-feeding, as well as supporting your little one to develop their hand-eye co-ordination! Please enjoy our puffs as part of a healthy balanced diet. Around 3 puffs make an individual portion. However, every baby is unique, so be guided by your instincts and your health care professional.
Organic, Made with green peas, Finger food, Nutritionist approved, No coating, no mess, No added salt or sugar, Gluten free
Organic Green Pea Flour (100%)