Intra-Dermal and Intra-Oral Vitamins and Minerals

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Intra-Dermal and Intra-Oral Vitamins and Minerals

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Corny name I know, but anyways, I wanted to talk about something very important today. When we think of vitamins and minerals, the first thing that normally comes to mind are tablets and capsules that we ingest, just like medication. However, whilst I do not disagree with this method of consumption, there may be other ways that we can consume our vitamins and minerals. Yes, as the title mentions I am referring to intra-dermal (through the skin) and intra-oral (through the mouth to the bloodstream directly – not via the oesophagus) absorption.

There have been studies looking into this, for example in 2010, a study by Watkins K and Josling PD, found that when using a magnesium dermal spray the cellular magnesium in participants increased by 59.7% on average in just 12 weeks, where as oral supplementation has been reported to take 9-24 months for the same increase.1 This is because magnesium is absorbed poorly in the gut where as through the skin it is able to reach the blood stream more efficiently.

A similar concept can also be seen with certain vitamins we commonly supplement our diets with. A study by Satia et al., 2015 found that when a buccal spray of vitamin D was sprayed on the inner cheek, a significantly higher amount was absorbed into the bloodstream when compared to a typical formulation of soft gelatine capsules.2 In fact a study by Hassanali et al., 2012 found that when a buccal spray of vitamin D was sprayed into the inner cheek, roughly 20% of the total dose was absorbed, therefore enabling us to reach our Recommended Dietary  Allowance (RDA) more easily.3 This does not just apply to vitamin D, other vitamins also show similar results. In a study by Houston DM and Heard CM in 2013, they found that only one sublingual spray of vitamin B12 was enough to reach the RDA in in-vitro studies using a porcine sublingual membrane.4

Here at Nutracity, we like to back our recommendations with scientific and anecdotal evidence. This is just another example of this. Please click here to see our range of products in this category. Until next time……



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